A Sunday morning at the Lawrence Laundromat

Many people discuss the happenings of life over coffee or at a salon, but for some Lawrence residents, they develop friendships at the laundromat.

I spent about an hour and a half at the Lawrence Laundromat on April 6 talking to patrons, many from minority groups. While this was not my typical social spot, I decided to branch out and go somewhere where I could meet people from all walks of life.

I spent much of my time with Joe. Joe is a construction worker and former military brat. He spoke with me about his hope to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the military, but was not able to due to significant nerve damage.

Joe and I also talked about the state of marriage in America. While he will be celebrating his 14th wedding anniversary in September, he said he does not have one friend who is still married. Both of his parents had several marriages as well. The most interesting bit of information Joe told me was that a rock star once stole a woman from him whom he hoped to make his girlfriend, if not eventually his wife.

Later on the Holding couple joined us. Joe and the Holdings have become good friends after many Sundays spent at the Lawrence Laundromat. Joe and Mr. Holding both do construction work and spoke about safety conditions on the job, particularly during severe weather. Mrs. Holding recently began selling candles. She hopes to return to school so she can work in medical coding.

While these people are not your typical story sources, I enjoyed speaking with them and picked up several story ideas from them. They showed me that the best stories are often in the most unexpected places, like your local laundromat.


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